A Gig Harbor boutique law firm for personal injury, car accidents, estate planning, probate and trust administration, family law, and divorce legal needs.


A Gig Harbor boutique law firm for personal injury, car accidents, estate planning, probate and trust administration, family law, and divorce legal needs.

Car Accident & Family Law Attorneys

Campbell Miller Law provides legal services to individuals and businesses in Gig Harbor, Washington and the surrounding Pierce and Kitsap counties. We serve our clients by being accessible lawyers, and providing thoughtful, practical solutions to your legal needs. 

Our boutique law firm has experience with handling a variety of legal matters. Whether you have been injured in a car accident, suffered an injury that was not your fault, are navigating divorce or other family law issues, need a will, power of attorney, or other estate plan documents, or are faced with end-of-life legal issues of probate or trust administration, we are available to help you.

Our Practice Areas

Car Accidents & Personal Injury

We will help you recover the most amount of money possible to compensate you for your injuries and losses by taking the time to fully understand how every accident and injury occurred and the full extent of your damages. Consultations for car accidents and personal injury cases are always free.

Divorce & Family Law

Our holistic approach to divorce and family law helps you make informed decisions that consider your legal rights and obligations while maintaining your financial and emotional well-being. We help you achieve your goals and understand and protect your legal rights.

Estate Planning, Probate & Trust Administration

Our estate plans provide for your unique family needs to ensure that your affairs and your loved ones are taken care of after incapacity or death. After a loved one dies, we work with personal representatives and trustees to administer and settle the estate.


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I have worked with Dan on a few cases now.Dan is very professional but down to earth.He has made my experience with him seem effortless on my part.We often trade stories and pictures of our dogs. He seems more like someone I have known all my life.Dan goes above and beyond with every last detail. I would highly recommend Dan for your Personal Injury situations.
Caroline was lovely to work with throughout a long and frustrating process. She's efficient, thorough, and a wonderful advocate. Can't recommend her highly enough!
Ms. Campbell prepared my will.Helpful, accommodating, and practical.This was my second major work with her.In 2018, she prepared documents for me for a contract of some complexity.
Dan and Caroline of Campbell Miller Law have been enormously helpful to me, my business and family members over the past 12 years. Always responsive, professional, and prompt, easy to work with, and have made complicated and sensitive matters less stressful every time I have needed their services. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing legal support.
Dan helped me establish my will. He guided me with knowledge, efficiency, and a respect for my needs each step of the way. Dan also helped me with a hit and run accident clain. I definitely came out on top of the bad guy!
Dan Campbell was a pleasure to work with. He handled my case with efficiency, competency and expediency. I highly recommend him to handle my legal affairs.
Fortunately, we were recommended by a friend to contact Dan after a car accident where I was hit from behind at a red light. He ended up being the best decision we could have ever made. I needed knee surgery, and he was in constant contact with me. If I had any questions he was there. We received the settlement much more than we expected. He took care of all the hospitals bills coming through his office. I have not met such a kind, respected and honest man in a long time. In fact, we were so impressed we had him do our will and power of attorneys. I want to thank Dan for everything he did. If I have any legal issues, he is the first person I will call!
Expert legal advice. Caroline is friendly and helped me work through an important legal issue, to everyone’s satisfaction.
Caroline was very professional and explained the process well. If you need mediation I highly recommend her!
Even though my need of an attorney was not pleasant, I can truly say that Caroline was lovely and very helpful, patient and thorough. I highly recommend her!
I sought Dan's help with the aftermath of an accidental fall. He was attentive, kind and thorough managing all matters to a fair and equitable conclusion allowing me the freedom to concentrate on my recovery. I can unequivocally recommend Dan for any legal assistance required.
Used caroline as my divorce attorney. She was very respectful and responded right away to all my questions and concerns which was really nice since the whole process was confusing to me. And especially because I needed the divorce rushed, and she went above and beyond to ensure it went quickly. Everything went smoothly. I had a small issue of my now ex not completing certain things in the time required, and she was super patient with it. Overall, I'm glad I found Campbell and Miller . Definitely recommend their services to anyone looking for genuinely caring attorneys.
I worked with Campbell & Miller after I was injured by a collision in January. The other driver's insurance company initially refused full responsibility, even though the other driver was ticketed-- that's when I chose to seek out an attorney.I consulted with Dan, who helped me understand the possible courses of action and provided excellent advice. He helped ensure the other driver's insurance company took full responsibility for both my vehicle and medical expenses.The peace of mind I received from working with Dan was invaluable during an incredibly stressful period, and I am certain the settlements I received for damages incurred were higher than if I had approached it alone.
Caroline was extremely personable and lovely to work with. She was real and honest. Her and her team were always very prompt to respond and helpful. For a not so fun situation, they made the whole process seem doable and seem less. Highly, highly recommend! Thank you Caroline for everything!
Caroline helped me and my husband with a civil divorce. We wanted a lawyer who could help us to get through a painful process in a friendly and efficient manner. She had our best interests at heart and didn’t mind answering questions and explaining the divorce process to us. She was understanding when emotions ran high but able to keep everything professional. I am happy with how things went and would recommend her to anyone who feels overwhelmed with the usual demeanor of lawyers.
Very kind and helpful.
Dan Miller did fantastic work for me in an accident claim. I was referred by a mutual friend, and I can see why Dan got such a good reference from our friend. Stellar work, good advocate, and was able to work around my limited availability with no trouble. I couldn't be happier.
I found Caroline's approach to collaborative law to be most helpful in providing excellent representation and direction in handling my case. She is a good listener and was sensitive to my needs and values. She championed my interests and prepared me for the necessary face to face meetings in the process. She is easily accessible, well-organized, and a person of trustworthiness, compassion, and focused advocacy.
My experience with Campbell and Miller was a positive one from the very first consultation with Caroline Campbell.While going through a legal separation and then a divorce I was kept informed of all the proceedings and always felt that Caroline had my best interests in mind. There was no doubt that I had made the right choice in attorneys.If you're looking for a family law attorney, I highly recommend Caroline for legal representation.
After a pretty nasty car accident we decided to hire Dan Miller. I could not be any happier with our decision to do so. He as very patient and very quick to answer any questions or concerns I had. I'm very happy in going the route of an attorney and I highly recommend him and his team. Thank you, Dan and team for your dedication to my case!
I do not know what I would have done without Dan and his amazing team. After an MVA that turned my whole world on its head, Dan made what could have been the most difficult, stressful part of the incident totally effortless. He took the burden of dealing with insurance, health care, vehicles, people... all the craziness that occurs in the wake of big events, and shouldered it himself. He allowed me the time and space to heal, checking in on me, and speaking with compassion and understanding. I cannot recommend Dan and his team highly enough. If ever anything happens to me again, I will be right back at his door. Everything was handled with incredibly thoroughness, professionalism and attention to detail. I always felt informed and he was always able to explain what was going on in ways I could understand. I am so incredibly grateful to this guy - you won't regret working with him!
We highly recommend Dan Miller and staff at Campbell & Miller PLLC. My Husband was injured when he was rear-ended by a semi on the freeway after stopping for a spin-out. We had no idea the impact this would have on our lives. Dan and his team took the leagal portion / pursuit of fair settlement burden off of us so we could focus on my husband's recovery. Thank you Dan and Team!
Great practice who truly puts their client's needs first!
My divorce was just completed with Caroline's expert advice and help. From the initial consultation when she helped me understand my options all the way through the process of obtaining the divorce, she could not have been better to work with. She was responsive when I had questions, thorough in her explanations when I was considering my options, helpful when I had decisions to make, and supportive in the times when the whole process became overwhelming. Her advice was stellar. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking help with a separation or a divorce.
I spoke with Caroline on the phone. She answered all of the questions I had and even ones I didn't realize I had until we began speaking. She listened to my concerns about my case and offered multiple suggestions on how I could continue. She offered several referrals to Child Specialist's/mediators to help keep costs down and told me to call her back or email her at any time if I had any further questions. Caroline was kind and knowledge, I would highly recommend her to anybody in the Gig Harbor area who is looking for help with Family Law. If I need further family law help in the future, I will definitely choose to work with Caroline Campbell.

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