During mediation, we serve as a neutral facilitator and work with you and your spouse to reach a settlement of all issues in your case. While we do not represent either person, we rely on our experience to help guide you and your spouse through issues such as property and debt division, child custody and support, and spousal maintenance. Mediation is a cost-effective option for spouses who are willing to have an open dialogue with each other but need assistance to reach an agreement. After an agreement is reached, we prepare all mandatory court forms and present your forms to the court to finalize your divorce, allowing you to avoid attending a court hearing.

Cost Effective & Faster Alternative

Through mediation and all other ways of solving your legal issues, we will help to work alongside of you and your spouse in the most peaceful, non-threatening way possible. Through mediation, you and your spouse will also have far more control to your outcomes, as opposed to the more formal means through the court.